Career Opportunities for Chemistry Graduates

Opportunity in Industry

National Labs:

ORISE Program (Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Technology)

The goal of the ORISE program is to connect talented college students and recent graduates to national research institutions. Interning or working full time at national research organizations like the CDC, NIH, EPA, FDA is highly competitive and the ORISE program offers connections and an edge that is key for recruiting and gaining a position in national scientific research.

They offer summer internships for current college students as well as post graduate fellowships. These fellowships are not only great for graduate school applications but also an important step to becoming a full-time employee.

More information can be found at the following link:

If you are interested in working specifically at the CDC, check out the Pathways program or additional internship opportunities on the CDC website.

Corteva: Agricultural Industry

Corteva is a research corporation in the agricultural industry that aims to create sustainable solutions for vegetables that help to promote a healthy agricultural ecosystems. Internship projects range from formulation, synthesis and insecticide research. This type of work can be particularly exciting for those interested in seeing the direct biological effects of chemical research.

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