Nailing the Interview

Interviewing well is key for getting into labs, connecting with recruiters, and landing an exciting opportunity. Use the resources below to learn how to best present yourself and improve your skills. The following resources were adapted from the Emory Career Center.

Types of Interviews:


Generally, these kind of interviews begin with a “Tell me about yourself” prompt. The goal of these kinds of interviews is to learn more about personality, experiences, and your goals and aspirations for the future.

Before these types of interviews practice a candid yet professional elevator speech about who you are and what you want. Use the link below for a list of potential interview questions.

Call a friend or family member to ask you potential interview questions and practice!

Behavioral Based

These interviews focus on your role in specific situations and how you navigated challenging circumstances. Come prepared with a few stories that show your ability to think on your feet, persist and find novel solutions.


Especially for STEM interviews, this can be the most important kind of interview. The interviewer is looking for a technical understanding of your field, as well as a description of your specific role in the success of the project.

Example questions:

Describe a challenge you encountered in your research project and describe how you worked through it?

General Tips:

Research the company and role of the job you are seeking. Understand the job description and echo the characteristics listed through your own experiences. Show, don’t tell. Look at the organizations mission, values, demographics and organizational philosophy, as well as what department you will be working in.

Use the Emory Career Center website or make an appointment with a Career Counselor for help finding your voice and telling your story in an interview.

Check list/flow chart:

time line potentially or make it easier to check off

use a script to create a sample questions (for accessibility)

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